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Kino Flight is built on over 20 years experience in film, TVC, action sports, real estate and documentary production.


Ashley is producer/director of Kino Flight. Kino Flight is built on over 20 years experience in film, TVC, action sports, real estate and documentary production. Kino Flight services range from high end drone operation to full-service production: directing, filming and editing your content.

Lord Howe Aerials

LORD HOWE Aerials for 'Big Pacific' for NHNZ and PBS

This is a quick edit of some drone aerials Kino Flight filmed for NHNZ out at Lord Howe Island and Balls Pyramid. The project was ‘Big Pacific (Mysterious)’ and aired on PBS on 21st June 2017. Lord Howe is an incredible place. It was such a great opportunity to go to a week at a World Heritage site and also get to spend a day out flying the drone at Balls Pyramid. The amount of bird life (and sea life) out there is incredible, though a little stressful for a drone operator. It was surprising the drone made it through the day without being taken out by a bird. Looking up to the top of the pyramid the sky is just think with birds of all sizes and shapes, some of which are seriously aggressive towards a drone in their airspace.


Bob McCarron: Visual effects make-up artist, black belt martial artist and emergency paramedic. In 2004 Bob was honored with the Order of Australia Medal (OAM) in recognition of his ongoing work as a paramedic in Australia and overseas. Soon after he travelled to Banda Aceh as part of the first group of international emergency workers following the devastating Asian tsunami.


KinoFlight were instrumental in creating the all-important opening shot of my feature CRUSHED. A mystery thriller set in a winery, the opening image is a symbolically important one of a barren vineyard and I had a very specific vision of how to capture this from the air. Ash Fairfield and his team not only understood my vision, but they helped to translate it to the practicalities of shooting with a drone. They were able to regulate the speed, the angle, the direction and the altitude during the extended take that I required of the vineyard. The result is an intensely eerie, moody yet beautiful long shot that sets the tone for the opening of my film perfectly and is one that audiences remember long after the film has finished. KinoFlight were lovely to deal with and delivered beautiful results. I look forward to the next shoot with KinoFlight.

Megan Riakos

Director & Screenwriter