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The 7 Best Ways To Leverage Drones on your next production and achieve the 
Highest Quality and Value
*including the rate for each drone
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"The Kino Flight Film Crew were instrumental in creating the all-important opening shot of my feature film. Ash Fairfield and his team not only understood my vision, but they helped to translate it to the practicalities of shooting with a drone. Kino Flight were lovely to deal with and delivered the results we needed to take our production to the next level.
- Megan Riakos (CRUSHED)
Kino Flight Specialises in:
  • High End Video Production and Photography
  • Dynamic cutting edge drone footage
  • Virtual Reality for Real Estate, Developers,  Universities & Schools

This PDF Will Give You
  • Pre Production, Shoot, and Post Production considerations
  • What to look for in a drone company
  • Use our Price Guide for each type of drone to find what suits your budget
Who This PDF will Help
  • Film and TVC Directors, Producers and Production managers
  • Building Developers
  • Marketing Managers
  • Ad Agencies
About the Author
Ash is producer/director of Kino Flight, a brand that is built on over 20 years experience in film, TVC, action sports and documentary production. Kino Flight services range from high end drone operation to directing, filming and editing content.
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